Interdisciplinary Methodological Approaches

About the Organizers

The conference and workshop, “Contributions of Area Studies to the Knowledge of Ethnic Tensions: Interdisciplinary Methodological Approaches” is organized by CONSIRT and supported by the Committee on Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, with the assistance of The Ohio State University, the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, and the Graduate School for Social Research.

Cross-National Studies: Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program (CONSIRT) was established by the Departments of Sociology and Political Science of The Ohio State University (DS OSU and DPS OSU, respectively) and the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, and the Graduate School of Social Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN and GSSR PAN, respectively).

The main objective of the CONSIRT Program is to stimulate and facilitate research, graduate training, and undergraduate education. The CONSIRT Program provides an opportunity for preparing and administering complex research projects with a cross-national perspective. It promotes experience in developing successful grant proposals at the national and international levels within the public and private domains. The research aspect of the program is designed around the production of publishable research in first rate social science journals and high quality monographs.
The CONSIRT Program is also committed to enhancing the educational and professional training of graduate and undergraduate students who are specifically interested in studying social issues within a cross-national perspective. The faculty in the program is charged with developing an environment of mentorship that goes beyond course requirements and allows graduate students to develop the professional skills needed for an interdisciplinary bridging of sociology, political science, and related disciplines. The CONSIRT Program prepares undergraduates for the rigors of graduate level training and/or the professional world. Students are given opportunities to articulate their ideas to small groups of colleagues, and to present their research to large academic audiences. The program promotes the development of professional networks necessary for collaborative research. It also enhances graduate and undergraduate academic experience that broadens awareness of history, culture and social diversity.

For more information, please see the CONSIRT website:

The Polish Academy of Sciences is the leading research institution in Poland.  From their website:

The Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) is a state scientific institution founded in 1952. From the very beginning, it has functioned as a learned society acting through an elected corporation of top scholars and research organizations, via its numerous scientific establishments. It has also become a major scientific advisory body through its scientific committees.

PAN as a research center is currently comprised of 79 research establishments (institutes and research centers, research stations, botanical gardens and other research units) and auxiliary scientific units (archives, libraries, museums, and foreign PAN stations) (Article 35). The research activity of the Academy is financed mainly from the State budget via the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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