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About Warsaw, Poland


Map of Europe and map of Poland.  Map of Warsaw, Poland:


For United States citizens, passports are required to enter Poland.  Information from the U.S. Department of State.   For other countries outside of EU, list of visa requirements to enter Poland.


Poland uses the zloty (sometimes referred to as PLN).  Current exchange rates can be found here.  As of December 1, 2009, the exchange rate:

1.00 USD = 2.77 PLN

1.00 Euro = 4.12 PLN


The U.S. Department of State on travel abroad and on Poland, in particular.  Some safety tips from the U.S. Department of State.  List of embassies in Warsaw, Poland.


Basic travel information can be found here.  Click here for a Google map of Warsaw. A Yahoo map is here.  It is worthwhile to purchase a map in bookstores (EmPik or Traffic; english language books can be found there).  Most hotels have free Warsaw maps in their lobbies.

Airport:  Frederic Chopin Airport (formerly Okecie Airport).  The website includes an interactive arrival/departure timetable.  Information on bus transport to and from the airport can be found here.  Taxi information to and from the airport can be found here (and see below).  Outside of Terminal 2 there is a taxi rank.  There, you will find official taxis (usually MPT or Merc) waiting to take customers. 

ATTENTION:  If you are inside the terminal, people may approach you and ask, “Taxi?”  These are unlicensed, non-corporate “pirate” taxis that do not display a phone number or company logo: do NOT use them.  Use only official companies (see below).  Be aware: do NOT get into cars that say just “taxi” (i.e. no company name on the car), and which do not have registration numbers.  So-called “pirate” taxis are common, but there’s no need to use them.  There are a number of legitimate taxi companies in Warsaw.  For a complete list, see the official City of Warsaw website.  A few taxi companies and their numbers from that list:

City Taxi       9459
Wawa Taxi     9644
Ele Taxi         8111111
Korpo Taxi    9624
MPT Taxi      19191
Merc Taxi     6777777
Sawa Taxi     6444444

Currently, taxi prices for off-peak hours range from 1.80 zl/km to 2.40 zl/km.  Receipts are usually offered.  Tips are not included in the price. 

Bus, Tram, and Subway:  Warsaw has three types of public transportation: bus, tram, and subway.  Prices and travelcard information can be found here.  Bus and tram timetables and stopping points are usually posted at the stations where the buses and trams stop.  A subway map can be found here.  Always have a ticket: there are “controllers” who will ask to see your ticket (controllers must have an official ID).  Inside buses and trams, there are ticket-taking machines (you don’t have to interact with the driver, except to buy tickets if you were unable to get one elsewhere).  Subway has turnstiles where you insert the ticket.  In all cases, the ticket is stamped with a date and time.  You must retain this ticket for the duration of your public transportation trip.  You can buy tickets (bilety) in most RUCH and other kiosks.


The weather in Warsaw, Poland.


English/ Polish 

How are you?       Jak się masz? (yak seh mahsh)
Good morning     Dzień dobry (chyen doh-breh)
Good evening      Dobry wieczór (doh-breh vee-etch-or)
Good night          Dobranoc (doh-bra-nohts)
Hello, hi              Cześć (chesch)
Hello                   ‘allo!
Bye, see you        Do widzenia, do zobaczenia (doh-vidz-ehnia)
Thank you           Dziękuję (jenk-oo-yeh)
You’re welcome  Proszę (proh-sheh)
Please                 Proszę (proh-sheh)
I’m sorry             Przepraszam (psheh-preh-shahm)
Bless you (when sneezing)  Na zdrowie (nah-stroh-vee-yeh)
Here’s to your health! (when drinking to sb)  Na zdrowie! (nah-stroh-vee-yeh)
Who is it? (when speaking on the phone)  Kto mówi? (kto-movee)
Why?  Dlaczego? (dlah-cheggo)
When?  Kiedy? (kiehd-yeh)
Who?  Kto? (ktoh)
What  Co? (tsoh)
Ticket bilety (bee-let-yeh)
Meat mieso (mien-so)
Cheese ser (ser)
Without bez (behz)
Enjoy your meal! (smahch neggo)

Miscellaneous Practical Information

The Warsaw Voice on-line news and cultural event information in English

Metric system and the U.S. equivalent.

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