Interdisciplinary Methodological Approaches

About the Conference and Workshop

“Contributions of Area Studies to the Knowledge of Ethnic Tensions: Interdisciplinary Methodological Approaches” combines a three-day conference (December 14 – 16) on substantive and methodological issues in area studies of ethnic tensions with a three-day workshop (December 17 – 19) on multilevel analysis of survey data, necessarily including contextual data.  The conference is organized by Cross-National Studies: Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program (CONSIRT), and supported by the Committee on Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, with the assistance of The Ohio State University, the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, and the Graduate School for Social Research.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together scholars from different disciplines and different countries on the topic of ethnic tension. In multiethnic societies, ethnic tensions range from open domestic conflict to more subtle forms such as prejudice and discrimination. We invite papers that examine causes and consequences of both ethnic tensions and ethnic cooperation. We seek interdisciplinary perspectives on identifying where, when, how and why these tensions emerge, including remarkable instances of absence of tension. 

Extant research on ethnic tensions is seriously constrained by an overwhelmingly discipline-specific approach. To overcome this shortcoming, the conference explores creative methodologies that (a) recognize elements common across disciplines and (b) allow for the unique contributions of specific disciplines.

The intimate size of the conference leaves ample time for exchanges and discussion, both formal and informal, which will facilitate the creation of a durable international collaborative network.

To strengthen interdisciplinary methodology on ethnic tensions, a three-day workshop on multilevel analysis of survey data follows the conference. A maximum of 10 doctoral students/young scholars will participate, to allow for adequate small group discussion and individualized attention from the instructor. Analyses will involve mainly the European Social Survey data set.


Institute of Philosophy and Sociology / Graduate School for Social Research

Palac Staszica, Nowy Swiat 72, 00-330 Warsaw, Poland


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